According on the theory developed from the swiss replica rolex daytona watches replica and psychotherapist Carl Jung (1875 - 1961), each one of alued" human emotions and impulses such as selfishness, power, sexus has, in our unconscious thoughts, a "shadow". The "shadow" could be the ''dark side'' of our personality. It really is called "the dark side" mainly because it consists predominantly on the negative, socially or religiously "unaccepted" and "unvual lust, anger, jealousy, envy and greed."The shadow" - this "dark side" - is part of our unconscious, therefore we are unaware of it. Therefore, we are unwilling to accept, admit and acknowledge it as part of ourselves, as part of "who we are". 

The reason remaining, we like to show - to ourselves as properly as to other folks - our "good", "positive", "socially-accepted" side.But, due to the fact "the shadow" is nonetheless a part of us, it leads us to generally be fascinated by gruesome crimes and horror movies; by true-crime movies, books, news and magazine articles. No wonder so several movies are produced all over such themes, viewed by millions close to the entire world and earning millions and millions of dollars.We are attracted on the criminals plus the murderers; we are fascinated by stories told about them. Indeed, their world is not ours; their globe is a fascinating environment all by itself; yet it really is a planet which tends to make us drawn towards it, and towards movies and TV.