Switzerland has long been associated with high-quality watchmaking. Swiss quality watches rolex daytona will be the country's third most important export following the chemical and engineering industries with regards to value.Important however precision will be to us these days, it had been not generally so. For various centuries, watches ended up particularly costly and have been status symbols for your wealthy. The wristwatch is a 20th century invention; ahead of then they had been worn in various techniques, usually as items of knickknack, and decorated accordingly.

The market for Swiss watches is concentrated in a few continents. The 2 most significant prospects are definitely the US and Hong Kong. (Hong Kong is usually a major hub: most of its imports are re-exported.)Italy, Germany and France tend to be the foremost customers in Europe.Watchmaking in the Jura continues to be indebted to your youthful goldsmith referred to as Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741), who, to the very first time, introduced the division of labor in watchmaking. In 1790, Geneva was now exporting more than 60,000 watches.